Monday, February 1, 2010

special order

Once upon a time my friend Shauna was given some beautiful shirts by her husband who travels internationally.  He picked her out some shirts he thought looked her size and style (how thoughtful, and disastrous right?!)

so although she really did like the shirts, they just didn't fit her non ethnic, American shape!  So she asked me to to make something out of them for her little girl.

and of course as usual I was too excited and forgot to take "before" pictures :(

These wide leg pants/capris with embroidery at the ankle should fit almost every child at her house (I used the super wide sleeves from the shirt)  Also the white linen of the shirt had some stains or something that was making me unhappy with it.  So I soaked them in coffee for half hour, and got a darker look.

and I love this adorable dress!  I has loads of hand sewn green, and brown beading.  The original white shirt with beading was very straight, so I added some brown knit for the skirt part of the dress and the super long belt and waist line and some cute buttons.

They are both one of a kind, and I hope she likes them!

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