Wednesday, September 23, 2009

officer Jojo reporting for duty!

when daddy wasn't looking we swiped one of his old uniform shirts, if he doesn't work there anymore he won't miss it.... right?  Since I don't use patterns...hardly ever... the sleeve holes turned out bigger than I planned.... but now it will be a cool tank/t-shirt when she is a much bigger girl!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

labels will be here soon!

and I can't wait, I am going to tag EVERYTHING!
you can get your labels here (I love miss label!!)

Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day with Chuck Norris

here is my Labor Day project, I took an awesome 10 things you need to know about Chuck Norris 2x t-shirt hand-me-down from uncle Kirk, and made it adorable (don't tell Chuck)

Waaaa Laaaa! a daddy's girl dress! If you have a shirt you would like converted into something for your munchkin, send me an email at
Thanks Kirk!
Enjoy your day!

update: i assumed, wrongly, that this was the ONLY Chuck Norris dress on the planet... I was wrong! this is so much cooler! click here

back to school clothes

This is a customer "cheerleader shirt/dress" it fits my customers 11 year old daughter as a dress, and is a long shirt on their 16 year old daughter (cute with jeans or leggings!)

The cool thing about the pillowcase dresses are that they GROW WITH YOU! the girls can wear them as dresses, and adjust the tie straps to geth the length they want, then when their legs get too long they can wear as cute shirts! They look really cute with a long or short sleeve tshirt underneath to change the look or just keep them warmer!

a few things i've been up to