Thursday, February 18, 2010

mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm good!

I found this site called Out Of  the Box Sampler (see them here) , seriously boxes filled to the top with handmade goods, and it looked like a good way to get my product into buyers hands!

So here is what I'm sending, to be shared with 25 lucky sampler purchasers!

This is a fantastic deal, it's just over $20 and comes filled with all kinds of goodies!  as soon as the March boxes go on sale you can buy them here!  I saw a video here of a woman opening her box and there was a TON OF GOOD STUFF in there!
in case you might die if you don't get one of these, please email me at marypoppinspresents gmail com
I don't think you can make requests for samples you receive in the boxes, but I would be willing to bet you WONT be disappointed!

once upon a time, there was a frog prince

and he had a beautifully handmade custom home.

and the home sat on a strange little head.

and in his off time he had a girlfriend.

too bad they were too lazy to get off their booties to actually kiss.

the end.
this is listed here at my etsy shop, but it's also a free with a purchase over $5!  I only made 10 so first come first serve!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

fabric flowers and lilly pads

making fabric flowers can be addictive!
This is just what I've come up with since Monday night (yes last night Monday night)... not bad

I cut out strips and strips of  old hand me down t-shirts that were given to me and this is what I came up with!

yes this headband is huge on her head, but she was the only one willing to hold still for a picture, I was thinking more along the lines of and adult  bridal head ;)
It took me longer to do this one that it did to do every other piece below.... combined!
I ran into this tutorial and took the fabric flowers and ran with it, then when I couldn't do it her way, I changed it to my own way.!   I plan to do a tutorial on that soon.
These are my fabric Lilly Pad hair clips, aren't they cute?!
I'm going to give away one lilly pad with each purchase (over $5) at my shops until March 15th!

Each Lilly Pad is unique, the green pad is puffy with cotton in the middle, and the fabric frog print flower curls in toward the center.
So go buy something over $5 at my Etsy Shop or my FunkyFinds Shop and get one free!

big beautiful baby blooms!

We are surrounded by pregnant ladies!  These are what I made for baby shower gifts to go with their super cute dresses!  The only baby head available to model  was my 18 month old son.... and when I tried, he cried - so I introduce my model "BABY TAD!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

headband 2fers - flowers and peacocks

if only it was Tuesday I could call it 2for tuesday.... but alas it's monday.
(I'm going to sell these in 2 packs!)

I worked on headbands all weekend, they are all using materials I had on hand and recycled clothing that was only going to get called UGLY at Goodwill, so I cut it up and gave it new life!

the flowers were just simple pink and white to match anything that comes their way!  and the peacock feathers were inspired by a show the kids and I watched this weekend, each feather is amazing!

I used the thinnest metal for the headbands I could find, because headbands always hurt my head after an hour.

here is a sample of what I will be listing at my shops!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

one more item marked off the "to-do list"!

I stole this idea here.
Had Kate from here take the pictures. (and for the record, the sayings... including "you suck" was all her ;)
And plan to attend the preschool valentines party with Jojo in the morning!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

special orders, Note cards and Flowers

Custom orders are so exciting to me, it means "someone looked at my work, and not only liked it, but had to have something of their own and trusted me to do it right!"

These are two of my most recent customer orders:

this was for a Primary President for her primary children, they are a wide variety of 50 cute textured note cards.  They are blank inside and include envelopes.

These are for Susannah who is getting married at the end of the month.  She wanted 5 of my silver hair flowers for her brides maids.  They are made of satin, with three glass pearls and a heart charm hand sewn in the middle, with black and white polka dotted feathers.  (I made some extras, let me know if you are interested in ordering some ;)

I hope that my creations make both of their endeavors more beautiful and successful!


early Crazy Cat Lady Pearls

Happy Birthday to little Eva tomorrow.  She is turning 5 and is one of Jojo's best friends.  Eva also loves cats, I have a friend that I call CCL (crazy cat lady, because she is) and I hope that her birthday necklace doesn't enforce a dormant CCL quality that otherwise would have gone unnoticed!

I had made this scrabble tile pendant a few months ago but not put it to use.  I strung some glass beads that look like pearls and added a butterfly.

 Happy birthday to sweet Eva!

Monday, February 1, 2010

special order

Once upon a time my friend Shauna was given some beautiful shirts by her husband who travels internationally.  He picked her out some shirts he thought looked her size and style (how thoughtful, and disastrous right?!)

so although she really did like the shirts, they just didn't fit her non ethnic, American shape!  So she asked me to to make something out of them for her little girl.

and of course as usual I was too excited and forgot to take "before" pictures :(

These wide leg pants/capris with embroidery at the ankle should fit almost every child at her house (I used the super wide sleeves from the shirt)  Also the white linen of the shirt had some stains or something that was making me unhappy with it.  So I soaked them in coffee for half hour, and got a darker look.

and I love this adorable dress!  I has loads of hand sewn green, and brown beading.  The original white shirt with beading was very straight, so I added some brown knit for the skirt part of the dress and the super long belt and waist line and some cute buttons.

They are both one of a kind, and I hope she likes them!