Thursday, November 26, 2009

tie tacks, pendants and charms, OH MY!

just a few of the things I need to get listed today before the big shopping weekend!  If you want to order something directly or something custom, let me know!  marypoppinspresents (at)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

NYC halloween debut!

as you can see here, I didn't make my fashion design debut at fashion week in NY, but even better!
THE adorable Wendy B of Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry line as seen here and here, debuted her one of a kind shirt/dress I made for her on Halloween!

Wendy LURVES bows, and the ribbon through the top made a nice big bow - I knew it must be hers.  It just goes to show the versatility of the piece, I originally designed it as a shirt with the ribbon tying on the top of her shoulder, but she pulled it off as an adorable dress!  I'm so glad she liked it and that it made her day bright.
practically perfect in every way ;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brookly's Elf dress

today Brookly's mom texted me "got any cute ideas for the cutest elf costume ever for Brookly's school Christmas program?"
Well Nicole, yes I do.  I made her an adorable dress from a woman's green t-shirt!
yes I did use hot pink thread, and I did this for 3 reasons:

  1. I wanted her to have a dress she could wear for the next year or two that wouldn't scream "I'm an elf dress !"
  2. You can't see the pink thread from the audience (so whew!)
  3. I'm incredibly lazy and hate changing thread for a new project! (most importantly)
So there you have it, a one of a kind, year round ruffly, sassy, funky, green dress.... that will also be making it's stage debut on an elf.

Monday, November 9, 2009

THIS WEEK: FREE SHIPPING in the USA and $4 flat fee world wide!

To try and compete with some of the big store sales that have already begun, I am offering everything in my Etsy Shop with Free Shipping in the USA and a $4 flat fee for everywhere else!

now go shopping!

gifting satin hair pretties!

This was last week's... or was it the week before that.. hum, these late crafting nights are running together.  Anyway, I made these for Jojo to share with her preschool friends for Halloween instead of candy (what? don't make fun - I was sick of candy and scary Halloween things long before the day arrived!)

I forgot to take pics of the ones I made for the girls, but these are the ones I made for my Etsy shop.  I put a star charm in the middle of each one that says "Just for You", I thought these would make really special gifts (for teachers or friends) that they would remind the recipient every time they wore it, that is was made and bought lovingly "just for me!"  Also the feather accent looks more amazing than I could have hoped for (thanks Kate for letting me reconstruct your original!)

model wouldn't cooperate.... shocking... so we will just do with what we have!

apron night!

I stayed up wayyyyy toooooo late last night (well technically well into the morning) working on these cuties!  they are all made from recycled fabrics... can you guess what they used to be?

if you guess: sham wows.... you would be wrong!
if you guessed curtains:  give yourself a gold star!

although I think most of them would fit smaller women, I had the girls with curves in mind (like myself) These are perfect for sizes Large and Extra large!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


this was such a fun and easy costume to make!  let me know if you need one custom made for your little indian princess!