Tuesday, February 16, 2010

fabric flowers and lilly pads

making fabric flowers can be addictive!
This is just what I've come up with since Monday night (yes last night Monday night)... not bad

I cut out strips and strips of  old hand me down t-shirts that were given to me and this is what I came up with!

yes this headband is huge on her head, but she was the only one willing to hold still for a picture, I was thinking more along the lines of and adult  bridal head ;)
It took me longer to do this one that it did to do every other piece below.... combined!
I ran into this tutorial and took the fabric flowers and ran with it, then when I couldn't do it her way, I changed it to my own way.!   I plan to do a tutorial on that soon.
These are my fabric Lilly Pad hair clips, aren't they cute?!
I'm going to give away one lilly pad with each purchase (over $5) at my shops until March 15th!

Each Lilly Pad is unique, the green pad is puffy with cotton in the middle, and the fabric frog print flower curls in toward the center.
So go buy something over $5 at my Etsy Shop or my FunkyFinds Shop and get one free!

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