Friday, January 8, 2010

HOW TO make 2010 Primary Theme Blocks for birthdays - DIY

Need an idea, project or birthday present for your primary kids? 
 Here is an easy how to just for you!
(dedicated to: our Primary President Wendy - who always tries to tell me she's NOT Crafty!)

(model was forced to smile, but I do think she liked it)

what you need:
measuring tape
blocks of wood (we used 3 1/2 planks cut into 6 inch pieces - but get creative use what you can find!)
Picture or graphic - you can get them here
paint  - spray or brush on
spray adhesive, or whatever glue you like
craft knife
sandpaper (if you are doing a lot of them I recommend using a sander)
sealer  - recommend spay on sealer
paint pen

there are lots of places to get wood, but my favorite is the .51 cent pile at home depot.  A 4 ft board got me 8 six inch pieces (for .51!)
If you don't cut wood, call your home teacher, I used Brother Rodriguez, but even he has limits so call your own home teacher!

Paint the back and sides whatever color you like

At this point you should already know the size and you can choose to crop your image if you need to, or wait and do it once adhered.

Apply the glue of your choice (I wanted to show you without going back outside, but did NOT spray this in the house)

put the bare side of the wood to the back of your image.

squish out any air, and make sure it's on there good

cutting the edges off are gonna be ugly, it's ok don't worry about it

don't be a perfectionist!

Sand sand sand, all the front and side edges.  It's ok if you sand part of the picture, it adds character.  Really, quit being a perfectionist!

Wipe all your sawdust off

You can sign now or later.  Our Primary presidency is going to sign them all later, I just wanted you to see how it will look (special huh?)

Spray sealer,  a couple nice coats to ensure a really finished, held together look.

There you go, as easy way to show your kids you think they are special (and for very little $)  We spent right at $20 for 50 blocks!

I hope this gets your creative juices going!

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  1. What a great project. I hope the teachers get them too and not just the kids! I'll be eagerly awaiting mine!