Sunday, December 27, 2009

For the Love of my ROOMBA!

My wonderful parents got us the most luxurious, thoughtful, and generous present for Christmas this year.... a Roomba, and we love her.  Her name is Rosario,  Rosie for short.

(run Rosie run!!!)

Like one of the family, we looooove her.  Jojo CHEERS her on, rubs her, and even kisses her for appreciated work done.

one of us sees her as a riding toy... but Rosie got her revenge on him!

We all named our Roomba's the list is: Hilda, Amelia Badelia, Roberta, Sally, and Rosie the Roomba.

So I had the brilliant idea to tag them all, I mean you never know when we are all going to show up at the same place with our little buddies and we don't want any confusion.... right?  So I hope everyone enjoys their vinyl names for their new family members.  You can get yours HERE. ;)

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