Sunday, December 20, 2009

inspired by Fancy Nancy

don't tell Jocie, but Santa will be introducing her to Fancy Nancy this year! I heard about these books from a mom at preschool that told me about her, and I've been enamored by this little girl ever since!

 I just can't decide if it's her fashion sense (reminds me of Wendy B a little) or her most excellent vocabulary I love more....

anywhoo, when I came up with the huge dinosaur pendant I wasn't sure where it's future would be, but I knew someone FABULOUS would get it!  So, for Jocie's preschool friend that introduced us to Ms. Fancy Nancy, happy birthday we hope you adore your new necklace Miss Cailin! 
ps.  get your own Fancy Nancy Party Kit here for free

1 comment:

  1. Well I'm glad to have mentioned Miss Fancy Nancy to you when I found out your sweet luck to have the same last name! Cailin loves the Nancy-esc necklace and we are thankful for the gift and for Jocie joining us for the fun!